Neuse River Candle And Bath

Now that I can finally smell again after the horrible allergy fiasco, I decided I wanted to smell something great! I've had a 2 pack of river rock melts from Neuse River Candle and Bath sitting in a box just begging to be melted. The scent is cinnamon, and I honestly can't resist cinnamon.

I have a hard time finding tarts that will fit in my smaller tart burner because it is very shallow, but these tarts fit perfectly. It took about 10 minutes for the tart to fully melt, and the scent released slowly, but was very wonderful. I can't stand when I burn a cinnamon tart that hits you really strong at first. I want something that's going to have a nice scent the entire time I'm using it.

The scent started drifting through the house in a matter of minutes, and it smells wonderful. It's not too strong, but there is definitely a nice throw.

The tarts are made of Starburst palm wax, and they are so beautiful I almost didn't want to burn one. If you want a tart that you can use in a decorative bowl before burning, these are perfect. They have a shimmery look similar to mica. They also give a nice cold throw as well, so I'll probably stick the other one in a bowl in the bathroom until I'm ready to burn it.

I burned this tart all day Friday, part of the day yesterday, and I've had it going all day today. It's still giving off a wonderful throw that hasn't deminished much at all. I'm expecting this tart to last for at least 1 more day!

When I blew out the candle last night and allowed the wax to cool off I noticed that beautiful shimmer is still there. It makes my tart burner look almost decorative and pretty instead of sticking out like an eye sore on my counter.

I definitely give these tarts a great rating! A 3 pack of Neuse River Rock Melts sells for $3, and that's a great buy! They also come in packs of 6 or 12. Each tart is approximately .9 oz. There are currently 29 scents to choose from.

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