Working On My Wish List

I'm kind of on a "no buy" right now as far as bath & body stuff is concerned because I'm trying to save up some cash. I haven't completely stopped buying things, but I've got a ton of stuff that should be arriving in the next two weeks, and I just really don't need to buy anything else. Not only do I need to save my cash, but I'm running out of room to put my stuff!

I started a wish list of stuff I want, and I created it with two purposes in mind. First of all it's a Wishpot wish list, so everything I add to the list is in one easy to find place no matter what site I found it on. This will make it easier for me to buy stuff when I finally break my no buy.

Secondly, I thought this would be a great way for my family and friends to see what kind of stuff I really want. I'm tired of them saying "Jenn your birthday's coming up, but I don't have any clue what to get you." Of course my answer is always "You don't have to get my anything!", but they don't go for that. I normally end up getting some sweater that looks like something a 90 year old wouldn't even wear, and it sits on my dresser until I finally remember to return it to the store.

The best part is I can add my wish list to my blog sidebar, so now instead of emailing everyone 10 different lists from 10 different places I can point them in the direction of my blog. I'll be adding the wish list to my sidebar as soon as I'm finished with this post, so you can check out how awesome it is!

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gift girl said...

Hey Jenn

I am with the wishpot team. I wanted to let your readers know that if they have any questions or comments they can email me: It's awesome that you like the site and thanks for blogging about us!