New Bed

It's finally happening! Hubby has promised to build me a new bed! I'm so excited because I really need a new bed, and with a new bed comes new mattresses. We've got hold mattresses that were already old with springs poking through when they were passed down to us 5 years ago. I've been begging him to build me a new bed because I want a memory foam mattress, and I want a new frame to go with it.

When Hubby says "yeah I'll build it" I have to stay on top of him.

*remembers the desk he started building me 4 years ago that's still not finished!*

But this time he's all excited about the bed. He wants to build it because he's just as tired as I am of our old full size bed and old mattresses. He wants a queen size memory foam as much as I do, so now we're sitting here looking at an online furniture catalog picking out styles we like.

Yay! I'm getting a new bed!

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Connie said...

Sound just like my Hubby! I don't nag I now just tell him I'm calling the handyman to come finish what he's started!

Hope your bed is done quicker than my stuff at home.