A Note To E-Tailers

After a little research I figured out where this sample of Goat's Milk Mango Bath Soak came from. It came from Just Peachy Candles and Soaps. The problem is I was a sent a sample of something amazing, but it's something I can't order.

Why? If you happen to click on the link above you will see the site is under construction.

I have a box I keep all of my bath and body related business cards in. When I receive a product and a card I write the name of the product on the card, and I keep it in the box if I liked it. If I don't like it, I put the card in my "see what else they have" section.

I found the business card for Just Peachy, and sure enough I'd written the Mango Bath Soak down on the card, but I'd also underlined the website with a note saying "dead link".

Now this is one of my samples that came from one of my LBB's or maybe a Candle Buzz Box. This leads me to another rant. Don't send me a product sample and a business card with the website to order more if your website doesn't work! This isn't the case of the e-tailer going out of business after the products were sent. This is an e-tailer who sent the products, but never finished setting up their web store. Did it really do you any good to send out all those samples if you don't have a website where we can order them?

Think of the potential customers that have been lost, me being one of them. I loved this product, but that's one thing I'll cross of my "to buy" list. The product itself is so good that I would probably add it to my "best buy" list if the price was decent, but instead it's something that will end up forgotten. Another product from another e-tailer will take it's place.

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Lisa said...

That site has NEVER worked. I don't know what the hell the owner was thinking...I got samples in my first-ever LBB over a year ago, liked the stuff, went to the site, and NO SITE. Definitely loss of a sale right there!!