Nice Hot Bath

I woke up this morning thinking no, not already!

Cramps. Argh. Horrible Cramps!

I've tried to keep busy this morning, but this is one of those days when the cramps just hurt so much I can't really do much. Heck I can't concentrate to do anything. I decided there was probably only one thing was would relieve them, so I took a nice hot bath.

I pulled out a container of Goat's Milk Mango Bath Soak (sticker is missing, so I'll be hunting for the retailer), and man 45 minutes soaking in that was all I needed. No more cramps, no more bleh feeling. I feel like I just spent a nice relaxing weekend at one of those Branson resorts I want Hubby to visit. Now I really do have to find out what e-tailer sells this bath soak because it smells wonderful.

Let this be a note to e-tailers. If you're going to give me a sample container of your product, don't use your company label as the sticker that holds the container closed. I can tell that's exactly what happened with this container, so when I opened the container I clearly had to rip the sticker to remove it. What was left of the sticker is on the bottom of the container, but it doesn't give me any information about where this came from. Think about using a separate label so I'll know who to order more of this wonderful stuff from!

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