Penny Lane Candles

It's 6am, my house is totally quiet except for the sounds of me typing, and I'm absolutely loving how wonderful my house smells right now. Nope I didn't go on a cleaning spree. I just decided to try out the soy melts I received from Penny Lane Candles.

We all know I'm a sucker for a good wax melt, and these are absolutely awesome! Penny Lane Candles included a full size 6 pack of these break and melt soy melts in "Bird of Paradise" scent. I've never smelled another candle or tart that smelled like this. When I fired up my tart burner last night I sat back and waited for the scent to drift through the house. As soon as it drifted into the living room Hubby said "it smells like a tropical drink".

I have to agree with him. These wax melts are all fruity, but not in a really sweet icky way. I feel like I'm sitting on a beach somewhere sipping on something pretty and fruity. I've had the burner going all night, and 3 tea light candles later the throw is still as wonderful as it was right after the wax melt melted.

I'm definitely adding this to my favorites list, and I'll have to order more soon. Penny Lane Candles is updating their website, but these smell so good it's worth the wait.

Now I'm off to order my best friend's laptop memory before I get lost in my own little dream of paradise!

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