Candle Buzz Etailers Pt 1

I'm going to start by telling you about the sponsors of this month's Candle Buzz box and the wonderful products they included for us. Then I'll also be sharing my thoughts on another product I just tried, a lip balm from Park Ave. Creations.

Let's start with Box Sponsor Dine's Boutique/Pets ~n~ Pewter. This is one of the etailers participating this month who doesn't own a bath/body/candle type shop, and I am very happy to see the goodies provided! Dine's Boutique is a shop for the pets in our life, and gives us a great way to pamper them! She also carries pewter items that have been showcased on Paula Deen's show on the Food Channel such as measuring cups, spoons, salad servers, and canisters.

When I opened the box I immediately spotted TWO dog collars (in pink), and an "Ultra-Bright Pet Light". I ran into the office and pulled Hubby off the computer to show him the pet light because I've been telling him forever now that I needed to buy one of these for Bubba. He's very dark brindle, and at night he blends in. You can see him at all until he turns around and his white parts catch the light. He's gotten away from me easily at night when I didn't have his leash on him, so this is great!

The two included collars are for small dogs, but since they are both two small for Bubba I forced asked Alley to model for us. He doesn't know it's pink, so he's ok with it. lol

So here are the products.

And of course we have our lovely models...

Both are already wearing the products, but it's kind of hard to see. Alley didn't want to cooperate, but I did finally snap a decent shot of him with the collar.

Bubba was a little easier to photograph although he didn't want to stay still. Here we see what the light looks like outside during the day.

And even though I haven't gotten any shots yet of it working at night, I was able to make it blink for a shot. He's easy to photograph when he's sprawled out in the floor "chillin' with the boys".

My only issue is that I can't let him walk around inside the house with his harness on if I don't want to kill the batteries very quickly. An extra battery was included (thank you!) and each battery provides about 110 hours of power, but he will still run the battery down quickly. Whenever he walks into any room that is slightly dark, the light goes off.

Hubby was complaining when trying to go to bed because Bubba kept walking through the bedroom blinking! Lol I thought it was pretty funny, and it proves we will definitely never lose him in the dark again!


Next we have Box Sponsors Melissa's Specialty Soap and More Bang For Your Buck.

More Bang For Your Buck provided us with a gorgeous 2008 calendar (pictured above) filled with antique maps. I'm a sucker for calendars, and I have them all over my if I could just remember to write things down! I do however collect calendars, and I use the images in many of my craft projects. This is a very beautiful calendar!

Melissa's Specialty Soap provided us with wax popable scent shots in Sugar Cookies, Rum Caramel, and Blueberry Muffin.

Oh my lord these smell good! I've had the Sugar Cookies tart in my burner for a couple hours now, and it smells really wonderful. The scent has traveled through the house, and the throw is awesome but not overpowering. We have family spending the weekend with us, and my cousin walked into the kitchen because he thought I was baking cookies!

I will be interested to see what kind of scent throw these tarts have after they burn for more than a few hours, but I think I'm going to like them. The wax was soft, so the tart melted fairly quickly, and 1 scent shot fit perfectly in the more shallow warmer in my kitchen.


Last but not least we have one more product tonight from Park Avenue Creations. You will be hearing about more wonderful products from this company later, but tonight I had to check out the tube of Wintermint Lip Balm (pictured above). I'm a sucker for lip balm since I tend to have dry chapped lips a lot no matter what season it is.

In the summer I spend a lot of time with my head in a motorcycle helmet, and you wouldn't believe how much that can dry your lips out. The wind gets sucked up through the bottom of the helmet, and since I use a nose guard on the inside of my helmet to prevent my visor from fogging, my lips take a beating from all that wind.

So far I'm liking this lip balm. It smells wonderful and minty, but it's not a very strong scent. I can't stand minty scents that are too strong, so I like this. There really isn't a taste to the lip balm, and it feels really nice. I applied it once about 2 hours ago, and I haven't felt the need to reapply. My lips feel smooth and hydrated. I will definitely be throwing this tube in my purse for daily use!

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