Candle Buzz Box April 2008

My Candle Buzz Out Of The Box sampler box arrived today! I've been waiting for this one because I knew it would be jam packed full of tons of great goodies. I will be reviewing each and every item in this box, and although it might take me a couple weeks to get through them, I promise I've already taken all the photos this time. You won't have to wait around for my crappy camera to work it's magic.

The box is absolutely jam packed this month! Ignore the yellow stuff that seems to be floating to the side of the photo. I needed Hubby to hold the calendar in place, and he wanted to cover his hand so it didn't take away from the box lol!

I know I've complained before about how I was getting tired of seeing fliers from companies without products (after all people are paying to receive these samples), but I didn't have any of that in this box! I was quite happy to see it since it's becoming a very negative aspect of a few of the other sample boxes out there for sale.

I've said before, and I'll say it again. The Candle Buzz boxes are my favorite of all the sample boxes. A majority of the samples are full size products, and I get a good mix of stuff. As much as I love bath & body stuff, candles and tarts have my heart. With a Hubby who comes home from work with really stinky feet and two pets in the house, I want my house to smell good!

Now there's an Out Of The Box Sampler Blog where you can read reviews of some of these awesome products, participate in little games to win coupons, and get to know Dawn, the woman who puts these wonderful boxes together for us! Stop by and check out the blog while I work on my reviews for you guys!

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