The Hair Picture

Ok I finally got around to getting a photo of how my hair looks. I had to use the camera phone for this one since (of course) the battery didn't hold up in the Kodak.

*Please ignore the fact that it's almost 2am, I'm makeup-less, and I look like I could definitely use some hoodia.

As you can see from the photo, my hair didn't turn out too bad after using this shampoo, but my hair feels extremely dry. Do remember I had to throw some of my own salon grade leave in conditioner and flat iron cream in my hair as well.

The shampoo did leave me with a lot of extra body, but I flat iron my hair because I have too much body with my already wavy thick hair. If I don't my hair is a poofy wavy mess (and that's one photo you won't see!). Yep, I even used my wonderful The Croc flat iron early this morning, and you can see my hair is still nice and straight at 2am!

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