Oatmeal Honey Vanilla Shampoo & Shaving Bar by Blue House Soaps

Hubby's outside using my camera while it's got some juice. He's taking photos of our exterior shutters since they're old and crappy. He's going to make me some new ones at work, but he wanted photos for reference since I want them to look pretty much like the ones we have now.

While he's doing that I don't have photos of how my hair looks to share, but I did find some photos I snapped a couple weeks ago of the bar shampoo product I wanted to share.

I'm talking about Oatmeal Honey Vanilla 100% Handcrafted Shampoo and Shaving Bar from Blue House Soaps. I received this as a sample pack, and included in the pack was also the Natural Detangler & Leave-in Conditioner Spray also in Oatmeal Honey Vanilla.

When I saw this sample I thought I was going to love it. I love most oatmeal honey type smells, but after I sniffed this stuff I changed my mind. The scent is ok, but it's not something I prefer. I decided if I liked how it worked I would be able to live with the smell, but it's not a scent I'd order for myself.

I fiddled with the wrapping on the soap for a good 10 minutes before I got it open. It was very pretty, but the fabric was glued shut, and I couldn't get the seal to break to save my life. I finally had to go in search of a pair of scissors to cut the fabric away.

After that mini fiasco was over I took a minute to examine the bar. Sorry for lack of pictures at this stage. I was already in full shower mode by this point. I immediately noticed how soft the bar was. It has a weird consistency. It's almost crumbly, but at the same time it's soft and malleable by hand with very little pressure.

Washing my hair with a bar soap felt weird. I won't say I wouldn't try it again, but not with this soap. I like a lot of lather when I'm washing my hair. It helps m feel like it's clean, and very little lather was produced from this soap. When I rinsed my hair it felt waxy. I rinsed and rinsed thinking I didn't get all the soap out, but after almost running my hot water out I realized the shampoo bar left my hair feeling that way. I didn't like it.

After my shower I couldn't even get my big tooth comb through my hair. My hair felt matted together. I towel dried it the best I could and used the detangler/leave in conditioner spray. That helped with the tangling, but I was still left with a waxy feeling after I left my hair dry naturally. My hair felt extremely dry like all the moisture was completely sucked out of it. That's not good for someone like me who uses a flat iron at least once every couple days.

I finally added some salon leave in conditioner as well as a creme that helps prevent flat iron damage, and now my hair feels much better.

I didn't test the bar for shaving because I had just waxed a day earlier with the Nair Hair Removal strips I'll be discussing later. I'm not throwing the bar out yet. I'll give it a try for shaving, but if I don't like it, I'll ditch it.

Over all I was not happy with the Oatmeal Honey Vanilla Shampoo & Shaving Bar, and I would not recommend it. The Detangler/Leave In Conditioner will go into my box of things I might try again in the future, but it didn't work very well with the shampoo bar.

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