He Ate My Picture

I ordered a new battery for my phone today, and now I'm trying to get in the habit of taking pictures all the time. My photography skills suck. My mother in law is a professional photographer, so she suggested I start taking random shots of things around the house to help me improve my skills.

I've got my camera charged up and ready to go, so I figured I'd start by taking photos of the omelets I made for dinner. Yeah it's a breakfast kind of night for us. I was too lazy to make much else. I took my time creating the perfect omelet to photograph, but my phone rang, so I had to take off to get that.

I talked to my best friend on the phone for about 5 minutes, then I headed back to the kitchen to snap a few shots. Where'd my omelet go? I walked into the living room and there sat Hubby with an empty plate in front of him. He ate the one omelet I told him not to touch!

I guess I'll have to try again with tomorrow's dinner! Let's just hope he doesn't eat it before I can take pictures. Do they make a drug rehab type program for men who are bottomless pits? If so I need to send Hubby!

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