Three Things March 28th

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What are three things that are on your desk that shouldn’t be?

Haha! Only three things? Wow there's so much junk on my desk that I can't even see my desk. I'll just pick out the three things closest to me.

1. Keys to my Saturn. Too bad my Saturn has been out of service since Feb 07!

2. Dinner. Yep I ate my Arby's Market Fresh sandwhich at my desk, and I haven't moved to put the rest in the fridge yet.

3. Bubba's harness. I took it off him when I brought him back inside, but like I said I haven't moved from my chair long enough to place it on it's hook in the utility room.

I'm off to try an acne treatment sample I have here (also sitting on my desk), so maybe I'll pick up some of this junk on my way to the bathroom.

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