Blog Talkers #65

The question:

Flowers. Do you like flowers? When is the last time you received flowers? When is the last time you sent someone flowers? Do you think purchasing flowers is a waste of money? Do you garden? What is your favorite flower?

The answer:

Yes I like flowers, but normally I prefer not to give or receive flowers. Even though flowers are beautiful, I don't like them as presents for the simple fact that they don't last. The last time I received flowers was last year for Valentine's day. My mom bought my sister and I both a dozen carnations and a red rose.

Gardening is something I'd love to do, but I definitely don't have a green thumb. I mean I'm the girl who killed 3 aloe plants because I didn't realize they don't need water every day! I definitely didn't inherit my farmer dad's green thumb. I do have flowers all around me though. My grandma loves to garden, and her flowers span from her house to mine and all in between. When I want fresh flowers I just walk outside to cut a few instead of spending money on any.

My absolute favorite flower is the iris. Lillies are right behind. I have gorgeous orange and pink tiger lillies right outside my bedroom window.

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