Surveys For Cash Or Rewards

I would like some advice from any of you who participate in online surveys to earn cash, points, or rewards. I've been a member of Harris Poll for a few years now, and I love it. I can't tell you how many wonderful things I've gotten including speakers for my business computer, a toaster, tools for hubby, etc, just for taking the surveys.

I've signed up for a few other survey companies since then, but none of them interest me really because most of the time the other companies will let me get half way through a 20 minute survey then decide I don't qualify. I've just waisted 10 minutes filling out a survey I won't get credit for.

A few weeks ago I was discussing this with a friend, and she suggested I sign up for Opinion Outpost. She said she thought I'd enjoy filling out those surveys, and I would have a good many come my way. You earn points that can be converted to cash, so I thought what the heck I'll give it a try.

I spent almost an hour filling out the initial surveys about me and my lifestyle. I didn't get rewarded for any of those...I think there were close to 10 of them...because they were there to determine what other surveys I might be eligible for. Well I finally started receiving surveys last week.

So far I've had 6 surveys sent to me, and all but one of them I've been disqualified after the first page. That means I'm being disqualified based on my gender, race, income, education, or similar. So, why did I spend all that time filling out those other surveys about me? If those initial surveys were supposed to determine what I'm eligible for, then I should have been disqualified from these surveys before they were sent to me.

The final survey I received, I spent about 5 minutes filling out questionnaires before the real survey started. Then about another 5 minutes into the survey I was disqualified because I don't own my home. Yet again that's something I had to specify on those initial surveys.

I guess what I'm wanting to know is if anyone participates in online surveys, which companies have you signed up with, and what has been your experience? I'm almost ready to give up all together on survey sites, but if someone can honestly point me in the direction of a good one I'll be willing to sign up. If you can give me reasons why it's a great site I'll even use your affiliate link.

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