That's My Answer

Here's a fun little meme. Every Tuesday day (thanks for letting me know Melly!) you can find a question on That's My Answer. Just give an honest answer to the question! How hard can that be?

This week's question:

Who cleans your house? Who do you wish cleaned your house?

For the most part I clean my own house, but of course I have to admit I don't clean nearly as much as I should. After all, a clean house is a sign of a broken computer, right?

Who do I wish cleaned my house? Oh that one's easy! I'd love to hire Channing Tatum for the job, and he'd have to clean all day naked! :-p Oh I know. Leave it to me to want to watch a hot naked man cleaning all day!

1 comment:

melly~ said...

great minds think alike!
Your answer was very similar to my own. :)
That's my answer does questions nearly every day, not just on Tuesdays. Check back often and play some more. It's always a good time.