The Date Is Set

I found out hubby will be going on his trip to Florida April 9th-12th. I would love to be able to go with him, but that happens to be the weekend I already have plans to go to Tennessee. That's good and bad. The good part of it is I had already made plans with my cousin to house sit so someone would be here with Bubba. That means I won't have to search for someone else to take care of the animals.

The bad news is I really wanted to go to Florida, but I've already made my non refundable reservations for a cabin. Even though The Crossroads of Time at Deal's Gap opened a couple weeks ago, that's the weekend of the big Deal's Gap opening season party, and I really want to go this year. Hubby and I had planned to go with a few of our friends, but it looks like I'll be going there while Hubby's in Florida.

It's going to be weird because Hubby and I have never spent that much time apart. Honestly I can't remember a night we've been apart since we moved in together 6 years ago. There have been plenty of times we've got into an argument and I threatened to stay at my mom's or grandparent's, but I always ended up coming home after I had a chance to cool down.

So I'll be here Wednesday and Thursday night by myself, and I'll be leaving out Friday. Hubby will be coming home Saturday, and even though he says he's going to ride on up to the Gap to meet up with us, I think he'll be way too tired to do it. If he doesn't make it up there, I'll finally see him when I get home Sunday.

Oh but the other good news is this is just his first trip to Florida to work on the house. The couple is already making a list of things they want done, so he'll be going down there at least a couple more times this year. It's a contracted job, too, so the money is going to be great. I might even be able to pay cash for my 250 instead of saving up for a good down payment.

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