Hubby's Going To Florida

Hubby's boss just called to tell us he has an opportunity for hubby to make A LOT of money. One of the clients they just finished building a summer home for is asking specifically for hubby and my father in law to do some work around their regular home in Lakeland, Florida. They've got a ton of upgrades they want to do, and they were very pleased with the specialty work hubby and my FIL did in the new home. The couple have moved into their new vacation home until they can get the Lakeland repairs completed.

The couple is offering to fly hubby and FIL down to Lakeland to spend about 2 weeks doing the work on their home. The couple will be spending the time in their new vacation home, so not only are they willing to pay a nice chunk of change to pull them away from the current job their finishing up with their crew, but they're willing to give them the home to use kind of as a vacation while working on it. That's super awesome because hubby's aunt lives in Lakeland, and I know my father in law hasn't seen her in over a year.

I've met this couple, and they're one of the sweetest couples I've ever met. She's cooked dinner for us 4 times and refused any excuses about why we couldn't eat with them. She's also made lasagna and sent it home with hubby twice.

They know what kind of work I do, and they know when it comes to my home business I can take time off whenever I want, so they offered to fly me to Florida with hubby and FIL! I would absolutely love to go, but we've got two furballs here that couldn't go with us, so I'd have to find out what to do with them. If I can find someone to keep them for a couple weeks I'd be happy to go!

I know hubby is definitely going to take this offer no matter what. That just means I need to work on getting things together for him. We've got luggage, but not a lot. None of our luggage has any type of tags since we never fly. I'll have to pick up some tsa locks to keep stuff secure. I've got to find out with all the new regulations what he can and can't take with him on the plane. Man this is going to be a lot of stuff to do!

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