Extra Seating A Must Have

I haven't been up for doing much shopping for myself this week, so I really haven't had much to write about the past few days. I also haven't really felt like sitting at my computer for an extended period of time.

For starters I've been in a down and out mood over the past few days, so that hasn't helped any. On top of that I had to move my recliner that I've been using as my desk chair into the living room so the boys have plenty of seating when they're playing video games. That isn't working too well because now my back in killing me in a regular desk chair. It's probably got a lot to do with the fact that I've got really poor posture when I sit at the pc, and having my recliner lets me sit around relaxing however I please. Maybe I should look into a posture corrector.

What I really want is my recliner back, so I told hubby I might invest in a few beanbags that I can throw in the living room when they need them, and when they're not needed I'll toss them in the guest room. I could pick up a few of the cheap $20 ones from Walmart, but I'm still kind of mad at Walmart, and I would rather have something nice that I know is going to last. I really like some Rayane Chairs I spotted at good 'ole Target.

In fact I'm going right now to steal my recliner back before hubby gets home from work!

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