Tea Boutique Bath Shoppe's Luxury Hand & Body Cream

Tea Boutique Bath Shoppe's Description:
NEW Luxury Hand & Body Cream
We have added a wonderful new cream in some new fragrance choices you are sure to love! It is very rich and creamy for use all over your body. Available in a 4 oz. jar.
Choose from Tropical Paradise, White Ginger, Hawaiian Blooms, and Pina Colada

Price: $6.00
When I first opened my sample of the Tea Boutique Bath Shoppe Tropical Paradise Luxury Hand & Body Cream my first thought was that this was going to be one of my new favorites. The smell is wonderful! It's a light and airy tropical scent that doesn't overpower, and it could probably be worn along with your favorite perfume.

The texture is thick and creamy, and I love that. I hate runny lotions that make a mess when you're trying to use them. I made a video to show you just how thick and creamy it really is. Sorry the video is so dark. The lighting in this room sucks, and videos always show up darker than they look on the camera, but you can still see the action.

Now let's talk about the things I don't like about this lotion. First of all I found myself using a lot more than I expected. Normally I can use a dime size amount on each arm, and that's with my very dry skin, but I found myself needing to add more and more as I worked my way up my arm. After the lotion dried I was left with a combination of sticky and chalky skin that I didn't like at all. I let hubby feel my arm, then I immediately washed the lotion off. If there's one thing I can't stand it's a lotion that leaves me sticky or chalky. A combination of both was a big turn off.

Needless to say this lotion won't be added to my favorites drawer, but because of the smell and thickness I'll keep it around for those times when I'm running low on my favorites. My sister enjoyed the smell, so I may let her try it. If she likes it texture she can add it to her collection.

As for the rest of the goodies I received from Tea Boutique Bath Shoppe, my sister has reported that the Strawberry tea was wonderful. I still have yet to try the bath bomb that was included, but I may just try it tonight. I love the little seashell shape so much I just don't want to unwrap it. My mom would love to use it decoratively in her beach themed bathroom.

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Connie said...

That lotion sounds like it wouldn't do me any good either. My skin is so dry that I'd probably finish it too quickly.

I've tagged you for a fun meme. I hope you'll take part.