Totally Stressing

My personal blog is down yet again. I'm really getting sick of this especially since I don't know why my server is down right now. The company that hosts our dedicated server is giving us the round about on telling us why it's down. It's really getting old.

My friend has had this dedicated server for over a year, and not once did we experience any downtime in the first year. A couple months back the company that hosts our server made a big boo boo. One of their guys screwed up something big, and our entire server crashed. It was so bad that we were given a new hardware. After the hardware switch we've had nothing but problem after problem.

I'm extremely unhappy with this, and the fact that I'm also having huge problems with my ISP isn't helping any either. I'm totally stressing right now. I seriously need a vacation. Maybe I should check out some Hilton Head rentals. I'd love to take a trip to the beach right now while there aren't a lot of tourists around.

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