New Couch

I splurged on a few items this week that I'll be reviewing very soon, but that's the last of my splurging for awhile. Hubby and I have decided to buy a new couch. We might also pick up a new recliner to go with it, but we definitely know we need a new couch for the den.

I'll probably end up moving the old couch to my office to replace the old futon I currently use as a couch. The futon frame is totally falling apart, and when I have clients over I feel like of embarrassed that they have to sit on that futon.

The only reason I have a futon in here instead of a couch is because it doubles as an extra bed when we have extra guests. Maybe I can convince hubby that our new couch needs to have a pull out bed. If not no big deal. Our guests can totally just sleep on the couch. We've got a daybed in the guest room, and I might just pick up another air mattress for those times we do have more than 1 guest.

I'm hoping I can convince hubby to look at more modern furniture. I like our old couches, but they've got what I call a "granny print". I've always wanted leather couches in my living room, but there's no way I can have them right now with the dog and cat. They'd ruin them in no time.

That sucks because I saw an awesome white leather living room suite I'd love to have, and it wasn't too pricey either. Oh well, I'll have to find something hubby and I can compromise on anyway. I don't think he'd go for solid white because it'd be hard to keep clean.

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