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After using a sample I received in my last Candle Buzz Box I decided to order some soap from Hibiscus City Soap Co. owned by Jesse Baierl out of Vero Beach, Florida.

I previously tried both the natural soap and liquid soap in Orange Spice. I loved the smell of the Orange Spice in the bar soap, but I thought it was a little too strong of a scent in the liquid soap. Both soaps lathered really nicely, and I love the way they left my hands feeling.

This time I decided to order a bar of Lavender Oatmeal Moisture Rich Natural Soap with oatmeal and essential oil of lavender. The 3.5 oz bar cost $3.75.

Hibiscus City Soap Co.'s description:
This soap has the wonderful scent of lavender coupled with the humectant and exfoliating properties of oatmeal. Crushed oatmeal is found throughout the bar and on one side providing a good scrubbing surface. Works great as a foot scrub.

Ingredients: Palm oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, s
odium hydrodxide, distilled water, essential oils, oats.
This soap smells wonderful! It's looks just as awesome, but how does it work? One use of this stuff had my hands feeling really great.

The crushed oatmeal on the one side of the bar wasn't what I expected. I could see how it's expected to be a good scrubbing surface, but most of it flaked off when I was trying to pull the soap out of the cardboard packaging. Most of it what was left came off with one use.

Other than that I still think it's a great soap. It lathers nicely, and it moisturized my hands without leaving them with an oily feeling like a lot of other soaps I've tried.

I also received a ton of free samples, so this order was well worth it. Included in the shipping box was a sample of natural liquid soap in "Rosie" as well as three samples of moisture rich natural bar soap in "Ginger Lime", "Daily Grind", and Orange Spice.

I already know I'll love the Orange Spice. The only reason I didn't order another bar of the Orange Spice is because it's currently out of stock.

Informal Critique's Rating?

Overall this is a great handmade all natural soap, and the flaking of the oatmeal wasn't enough to turn me away from it. I definitely have to give Hibiscus City Soap Co. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket.

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