Totally NOT Happy

I've tried to refrain from using the name of the company that hosts our server because I didn't want to call them out right now. Unfortunately they've just totally pissed me off beyond the point where I can kiss and make nice right now. I've already told you both my friend and I have been trying to find out why our 2 servers have been down since Friday. We haven't been able to get a straight answer out of anyone from 1 & 1. I hate freaking' outsourcing. I can't even get anyone who speaks good enough English to understand me asking to speak to someone who speaks fluent American English.

We're not the only ones experiencing problems either. 3 other friends who also host servers with the same problems have had problems this weekend although none of them have experienced full downtime.

We finally figured out some of what was going on today, and we were told at 3:30 that our servers would be back up within 45 minutes to an hour. That never happened. After a few hours we checked out account to see that now it says we were suspended for non payment. That never happened either. Our monthly payment cleared last week. That was at 7:30pm. The billing department closes at 5pm EST, so we have no way to contact them now.

At 10:30 pm we logged in to update payment information to another card. We decided we would pay a month ahead, and maybe that would fix the situation. Nope. Every card we tried (3 in total) was denied even though none of them have any balances. Then we tried the Paypal option. Our business account has plenty of cash in it right now, but that was denied also.

I'm thinking they're having huge billing problems (I'm hoping not a mess up like Dreamhost), and they don't want to admit what's going on. The problem they told us we were having was in no way connected to the billing thing. The billing thing didn't come up until hours later, so why are we having all these problems? Why is the account denying payments from all sources?

I totally have no idea what's going on now. I logged in a few minutes ago to try again, and now it says 1 server is paid and 1 server is pending. I'm seriously not happy with 1 & 1 anymore. We never had problems with them until recently, and I'm extremely close to finding another server provider.

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