If you love to cook, you're going to love Plaincook.com. When I saw this blog today my mouth started watering. There are tons of recipes for you to try, and I like how it's easy to find the recipes you're looking for via tags. Apparently today's subject was ice cream, and seeing as how it's the middle of the summer, ice cream is exactly what I want. I especially love the "Easiest Ice-Cream Recipe" because it not only sounds really delicious and easy to make, but you don't have to have an ice cream churn to make it!

As far as the site goes, the layout is very easy on the eyes. Everything is easy to read, and the header image makes me hungry every time I see it. There isn't a lot of stuff clogging up the sidebar like other blogs (including mine) so it's easy to find the archives, tags, and past recipes.

We've got a birthday coming up in the family, so depending on how creative I feel, I might attempt to make Mandarins and Ice Cream Cake Recipe versus the regular old out of the box cake mix cake I normally make. It might be fun!

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