LBB On The Way

I just ordered my second Little Black Box, and I can't wait to see what's in it. That means I'll have tons of samples to try, then I'll be sharing them with you guys once again. I'm so glad Lisa got me hooked on these things. My sister in law had told me about them once before, but after the first couple she stopped receiving them. I remember all the awesome samples she used to pass on to me like hand made lip glosses and wax melts. If you haven't heard about the Little Black Box, definitely check it out if you're into handmade stuff!

While you're waiting on me to receive my awesome box full of wonderful stuff to share with you guys, check out this Bush furniture. You might see something you like. I know I saw quite a few things, but I've got to stick to my budget now that we've got a new car payment. That means I'll be cutting my spending by more than half. I know, it sucks!

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