We're Going To Florida!

I also found out yesterday that hubby is going to be participating in a track day event at Jennings GP. That's so awesome because not only do I finally get to go to a track day, but I'll finally get my Florida vacation I've been begging for. My best friend does the track days at Jennings a lot, and she says it's the best track for motorcycles around. That's because Savannah and Road Atlanta are built for cars but also allow motorcycle events. Jennings is a motorcycle only track, so it doesn't get beat up and grooved out in the corners by 4 wheeled vehicles.

I'm so excited! I think he decided to participate in a September track day, so that gives me time to come up with a 1 piece set of leathers. Right now I have a textile jacket and leather chaps, but to participate in any track event you must have either a 1 piece leather race qualified suit or a 2 piece race qualified suit that completely zips together around the waist to form a 1 piece. A good suit will run you at least $600, but I'm hunting Ebay like crazy right now. I really want to participate in a 2-up session which means they allow a passenger for each bike. It's only $50 extra, and if we're already paying $150 for the full track day, we might as well pay the extra $50 so I can ride, too!

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