It's time for a Geeky Speaky giveaway again, and Colleen's got some great stuff this month! She's giving away a Phillips 512MB MP3 Player for the grand prize and a Clean DR Screen Cleaning Kit as the booby prize. Both are great prizes that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on. I would really love to win the MP3 player.

Hubby and I both have MP3 players right now, but I've got a Sandisk 512MB and he's got a Sandisk 256MB. Don't get me wrong, I love my Sandisk, but hubby can't stand the fact that his is so small! We use them mainly when we're on the bike, and hubby ends up listening to the same songs over and over. He can't store the variety he would like. Just about every other day he's in here complaining that his MP3 player isn't big enough, and he's got to switch out his playlist again. If I won this Phillips 512MB MP3 player, I could give hubby my Sandisk 512MB, and I would have a brand new one for myself! You didn't really think I would be willing to give him the new one did you?

If you want a chance to win either of these prizes, head over to Geeky Speaky for a list of rules and ways to enter. It's fun to participate, and you've got nothing to lose! All the Geeky Speaky prizes are tech related, so if you're looking for something in a more general category, you can also check out the contest on Simple Kind of Life. The contest is the same, the prizes are different. It's that simple!

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