Cute Bedding

We drove down to a friend's house last night who lives a couple hours downstate, and we went out on the town for a little while for him. We haven't seen him in ages, so it was nice to get to hang out with an old friend for awhile. It was getting pretty late, and we ended up stay there so we didn't have to drive back so late. We stayed in his daughter's room which has one of those really cute wooden bunk beds with a twin on top and a full on the bottom. I fell in love with the bedspread. I know it's kids bedding, but it was just so adorable. It was a metallic blue with stars on it, and I love celestial things. Our bedroom is decorated in celestial pattern right now, so if it wasn't a kid's bedspread, I'd probably be running out to buy one for our bed. I'm still debating on purchasing one for the daybed in the guest room. At least I could justify it by telling hubby I'll use it when we do have kids!

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