Cleaning Out My Books

I'm thinking about signing up with a book exchange. I've got tons of books laying around here, and honestly I'm running out of room to put them all. I thought about Ebaying some of them or maybe selling a few on Amazon, but I always have a problem letting go of my books. That's why I've thought about looking into a book exchange program of some sorts. At least I would feel like I was passing it on to someone else who would really like to read it, and I would get something back in the process. Anyone know any really good book exchange programs to use? Preferably free?

I'm also thinking about giving away a few of my books through a blog contest, but considering we all probably like to read different things, I'm not sure how this would work. I'm thinking about making a list of some of the books I have, then running a contest where the winner can choose a number of books from the list. That way participants would be able to see a list of books I've got before they decide to participate. I don't know, it's still just an idea floating around. I'll figure it out later.

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