Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss today, I think there are so many different plans and products to choose from that everything can get a little confusing. We all have to deal with recalls due to stuff like Ephedra, then we have to research stuff like herbal supplements and Tenuate. I'm so glad that I'm comfortable enough with myself not to have to think about weight loss, but it's something my sister is dealing with. She's always been stick thin, but she recently gained her "womanly figure". She's by no means fat, but when the stress of an upcoming wedding, she's going crazy over gaining the typical 15 lbs often referred to as the "freshman 15". I feel her though. I remember how rough I felt when I gained 20 lbs right before my wedding. She's been considering weight loss pills to help her get back in shape for the big day, but due to the fact that she's got a thyroid problem, I think it will be hard to find one she can actually take.

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