A Mermaid's Stone

I might not wear it much, but I do love jewelry. Most of it sits in my jewelry box, never to be taken out and worn, but I do admire it. I also love buying jewelry as gifts for others, especially when it's something unique. I think Aquamarine jewelry is really beautiful, and Mysolitaire.com carries quite a few selections. It's said that Aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids, so maybe that's why it is so beautiful.

I definitely see a few of Aquamarine Rings I would like to add to my jewelry collection. They would be beautiful to wear on special occasions. My friend is trying to convince me to finally get my ears pierced, and some of those Aquamarine Earrings really are beautiful. I think my mom would love some of the Aquamarine Pendants. She's not much for jewelry either, but she loves wearing pendants. The collection is absolutely beautiful, so if you love gorgeous jewelry, take a look. You might see something you like.

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