Paid Blogging Series: PayU2Blog

If you have't heard of PayU2Blog, you're really missing out if you like to blog for cash. This company is so great, I wish I had started working with them a lot sooner! They aren't like all the rest of the paid to blog services out there. PayU2Blog sends you assignments weekly. Sometimes you receive a set amount each week, other times you might receive extra assignments after you finish your initial set, but you get paid $5 for each complete assignment, and payments are made on time every time. You're paid every 2 weeks, so it's just like getting a paycheck on a set day. Payments are made through Paypal.

There aren't a lot of requirements to join, but your blog has to be indexed by Google just as with all the other paid to blog programs. Other than that blogs are manually approved on a case by case basis. If it looks like your blog will draw traffic for the advertisers, you will more than likely be approved. blogs aren't accepted, and I'm not sure if there are any others that won't be taken, but I know for a fact that blogger and personal domains are okay.

When it comes to writing the posts, each post must be at least 60 words, but your posts can be back to back, and there is no requirement for non-paid posts before or after each post. Each post only needs to contain 1 link, and no disclosure is required. Unlike most of the other paid blogging companies, they don't specify how you have to write the post. It doesn't have to be a review, buzz, or blatant advertising. You choose how to work it in to your blog as long as it isn't a negative post. You can find out a little more about the PayU2Blog program via their FAQ.

Oh, and another great thing about the company is all the contests! Currently they are giving away $100 to one blogger every Friday through December! There's also another big contest in the works that will be announced soon, but it's easy to get in on the current one. Any member who puts a PayU2Blog banner on their blog is eligible to win! Winners are announced via a YouTube video in the PayU2Blog blog, so stop by and check it out!

Out of all the paid blogging companies I work with, PayU2Blog is my #1 choice. I'll definitely blog for them until there is no opportunity to do so. I love the money I make with them, and I'll continue to recommend PayU2Blog to anyone who wants to jump on the paid blogging bandwagon!

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