I've got this list of different places around the world that hubby and I want to visit. It's quite a long list, but we seem to add to it more and more every year. We never went on a honeymoon, so I guess this list is like our dream vacation list, and we have agreed we plan to visit each and every place on the list before we die. Thankfully we're young enough that we hopefully have plenty of time to do that.

One of my top picks on the list is Maui. I've always wanted to go there just because I think it is such a beautiful place. Hubby's aunt and uncle go to Maui at least once a year, and I love to look at the pictures they bring back. They always stay in a resort, but there are so many tourists taking Maui Vacations that now they are considering purchasing their own vacation home just so they don't have to book a hotel in advance and deal with other tourists. I really hope they do because then we might actually be able to take our Maui trip much sooner than we thought!

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