Shopping Carts

I have a few friends who have turned to making money on their websites and blogs by selling their own handmade products. A few of them are listing items with a price, then giving contact info if you're interested in buying. I'm not knocking my friends and their selling practices, but I have suggested to a couple of them that I think they would do a lot better if they had some type of shopping cart software.

Giving your buyers a shopping cart not only makes things smoother, but it just looks better, too, especially in a world where e-commerce is a big thing these days. I also think shopping cart software might just help convince the buyer to pick up more than one item while they're hanging around. I know if I'm looking at stuff I have to purchase individually, I'm more likely to either not purchase anything or only purchase one item just to save myself the hassle.

I'm going to point my friends in the direction of Ashop Commerce. I've never used the service, but they offer a 10 day free trial for their shopping cart software. That's a good reason to give them a try right there. They also offer live sales & support, so if you've got a problem, there's always someone ready to help you fix it. I'm going to give the demo a try, and maybe I can convince a couple of my friends to do the same. The features offered with the software are enough to make any site look like a professional seller.

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