All For The Dogs

I've got a blog friend I want to introduce to you. Her name is Cynthia and she's got some really cool blogs. As you know I'm a big time animal lover. I just don't know what I would do without my pets. Part of my love for animals probably came from growing up on a farm with tons of chickens, cows, horses, ducks, and most of all my beloved border collies Lady & Bear. See there's room in my heart for more than bulldogs!

That's why I can relate so well to Cynthia. She runs a non-profit Collie Rescue in Utah, and believe me if I lived anywhere near there, I would probably be there almost everyday volunteering and trying to sneak rescues in the house before hubby could object! If you've got a heart at all, stop by and consider donating a little something or purchasing one of the Rescue's Ebay items. It takes a lot more than people realize to run such an organization.

Cynthia also has a few others blogs that I keep in my feed reader. There's Luna Tail, her personal blog where she'll tell you all about her favorite blogs, love for Harry Potter, and knitting! Then she's got a new dream diary called Pixie Tail. The name enough made me want to check it out. I love anything related to fairies and pixies. Cynthia will be keeping a diary of her dreams, and I think if I have the time, she might motivate me to do the same.

Last but certainly not least, there's Tip Tail, a blog dedicated to 3 wonderful collies. You can learn about collies in general, clicker training (which is also my method of choice), and you can even check out a Collie webcam! Stop by, view the cam, and read all about the champion collies! Chase is my favorite, but I must admit I'm just partial to the border collies!

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