Really A Friend?

I listed a box full of the mini Neopets plushies from McDonalds a few days ago for sale as a large lot on Ebay. Before listing them I told a few people I know that I was getting rid of them. I even set them out for display at a couple yard sales, but there were no takers. I was happy when someone bid on my Ebay listing yesterday, and it still has a little over a day to go, but it will definitely sell.

My friend called me today and asked if I still had the plushies. She was at every yard sale I had and wasn't interested. I called her last week saying I would give them to her kids for free, but she wasn't interested. Now, she wants the whole set, and she's offering to pay me $30 for all of them. I can't cancel the Ebay listing. Not only would that look bad on my part, but it would cause someone else who has already bid to lose the opportunity. I told her about listing them on Ebay, and I made a point to mention they were going for $5 right now, so not only would she still have plenty of time to bid, but she could get them for a lot less than $30.

This is when she decided to really piss me off. She said she didn't want to go through all of that. I explained it's easy to set up an ebay account and only takes a couple minutes, and she had the nerve to say, "Oh, but I thought if I offered the $30, you would cancel the auction and just give them to me anyway for free. You did offer them last week." She just doesn't seem to understand that I offered them to her and she refused, so I moved on and listed them for sale. Now someone else wants them, she can't have them, so she's mad at me. She won't even answer the phone or attempt to speak to me. She's acting like a 5 year old because she didn't get her way. What kind of friend does that over a box of McDonald's toys?

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