PPP Direct From PayPerPost

Have you heard about Payperpost's new feature called PPP Direct? It's all part of the the newest update and part 1 of the Birdo release that Payperpost made last night. PPP Direct is not a new concept. There are quite a few other paid to blog sites out there offering similar programs, but PPP Direct is unique in it's own way.

What is it? Basically PPP Direct is a program that allows you to get paid from blogging, but by using a button on your own blog without having to search for ops to take. If an advertiser sees your blog, they can fill out a request offering to pay you for a post about their product. You can set the minimum amount the advertiser can offer you instead of having to choose from a list of posts for a certain amount. Instead of an advertiser contacting a middleman as with Payperpost's marketplace ops, the advertiser is contacting you directly. You can then choose to accept the op, deny it, or negotiate the post and/or price.

A lot of other services run similar programs, but they take a 50-100% markup on your post cost. You might think that's pretty unfair since they're really not doing any of the work for you. Payperpost agrees, so that's why they only take 10% of the cash you make from the post. They work as your escrow service, charging 5% to cover paypal and credit card fees, and only making 5% profit. Using a service like this helps you to expand your paid posting by picking up advertisers who don't already work through the paid blogging services you use. Also, you don't have the 3 posts per blog per day limit like you do with the marketplace, and instead of waiting 30 days, you get paid as soon as the advertiser approves your post!

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