Drug Rehab

I came across another drug rehab facility today that I am very interested in. You guys know I talk about rehab clinics a lot, and that's mainly because my husband is an ex drug user. My best friend is still a serious addict. I will continuously promote as many drug rehab clinics as I can because I want people to seek help, and I may only be one voice, but at least my one voice is speaking...or my fingers typing, same difference!

Stonehawk is a treatment facility that not only wants to help you, but they understand what you've been through. It is ran by people who have also faced addiction in their lives, but these people have overcome it, and they're ready to show you how you can overcome your addictions as well! Stonehawk promotes the Narconon program because it was proven to work for them. Although Stonehawk is located in Michigan, they will take addicts from all over the country. I am a firm believer if using a rehab facility as far away from home as possible. The farther you are from home, the farther away you are from those things that tempt you to continue the addiction and drug use.

If you are interested in more information, please stop by the Stonehawk website. There are tons of helpful articles to read that might help in the decision to seek help. You can also download an information packet with lots of useful information.

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