Snapshot Adventures

I love downloading games from Reflexive Arcade. I install the game and play it for a few minutes. If the game catches my attention in anyway, I'll play until the time limit is up, then I'll uninstall it and add the game to my "games to buy" list. If I don't find the game interesting within the first couple of minutes, it gets uninstalled and I return to Reflexive Arcade's site to mark that I didn't like it. That way I won't run the risk of accidentally downloading it again in the future.

Last night a friend of mine brought over his laptop so I could do a cleanup job on it. He knows I like the little reflexive games so he told me he had just picked up a new one from them. He had Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Island, one of the new games! I told him I would check it out after I finished cleaning up his system, and I'd let him know what I thought about it, so he left. I spent 30 minutes working on his pc, and the rest of the night playing the game. I was finally drug myself away from the game at 6am to lay down in bed with hubby for a few minutes before he had to get up for work!

Basically, you run around snapping pictures of various birds. Each mission gets a little tougher, and when you complete it you can earn some cool gadgets for your camera like bigger zoom lens, flash, camera silencers, night vision, etc. The graphics are beautiful, and the birds are rendered smoothly. I found myself getting lost in the game. You get a field journal where you can choose your best shots of each bird stationary and in flight to keep. I found myself wanting to screenshot some of the photos I couldn't keep just because they turned out so well. I was quite impressed with this game. The graphics could be a little better, but overall they are pretty good.

There's also a section where you can design your own bird or download birds others have made. Then you can go to your special locations to snap shots of those birds. This is definitely a game for all ages. I already enjoy birdwatching, and I loved seeing the different types of birds. This game is not only great for kids because it is educational, but you can also teach children about photography. I highly recommend it to anyone!

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