Market Research To Improve A Blog

In the past, market research was something only large companies conducted. These days businesses of all sizes are using market research to discover what products and services will best fit the needs of their customers. I've found myself conducting my own marketing research lately by gathering data about different ways to make money through blogging. A lot of people don't realize how much it can cost to maintain a website or blog, especially if it is very popular. I might not have any overhead costs on this blog for hosting, but I do have to pay for my hosting on my self-hosted blog, and I have other costs such as products I buy to review. In order to cover these costs, many of us turn to advertising of some sort. I've been gathering information on different types of advertising programs, conducting research on what others have made, and trying a few of the programs myself.

I thought about integrating my market research into a type of survey for readers of my blog. I
already gather information through statcounter about what posts are more popular, who tends to stay longer, who visits more pages and stuff like that, but integrating an optional survey might be a great way to gather some data to improve a blog such as what topics are more interesting to the reader, and what the reader would like to see discussed in the future.

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