Bloggerwave Update

It seems that there is a new twist in the Bloggerwave story. If you read my post on the possibility of Bloggerwave committing fraud, please be sure to return to that post, and read the comment Bloggerwave left about their service. Bloggerwave is attempting to contact bloggers stating that Paypal made a mistake in thinking the payments were fraudulent.

Honestly, at this point I'm not sure who I believe, but I'm willing to provide all the information I have in order to allow other bloggers to make their own decisions. I linked to an article on Top 10 Tech about the blogger's experience with Paypal making contact to state the Bloggerwave payment was made from an unauthorized source. Then the payment was reversed by Paypal after an investigation. There has been some new light on the case, and Brett, the author of Top 10 Tech has been in contact with Bloggerwave.

I encourage you to read his update to the Bloggerwave situation. I agree that the situation is not resolved, and I cannot yet completely say that I believe Bloggerwave. Until Paypal can verify that they were in the wrong, I choose not to attempt any business with Bloggerwave. Actually, Bloggerwave even states in the comment they left me that the company has only been in business for 7 weeks. With a company that new, I can't trust that the what they are saying happened is really in fact what happened. The company hasn't been around long enough to build credibility in my eyes, but I've given you all the information I have for now, so if you have done any business or plan to do any business with Bloggerwave, you will at least know the facts from each side of the issue.

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