Bloggerwave Possibly Commiting Fraud?

For a few weeks now I have been steaming over the fact that Bloggerwave should have paid me over a month ago for 3 posts written for them. I've spoken to a few other bloggers who are in the same situation. Most paid to blog services are setup to pay you 30 days after the post is available on their blog. Why do they do this? They do it because most of them require you to leave the post up for 30 days. If they pay you immediately, who's to say you won't go delete that post? Most bloggers are too ethical to do such a thing, but there may be those who would.

So, as of May 9th, my last post should have cleared the 30 day mark for Bloggerwave. At this point a lot of us bloggers were beginning to wonder about the services. A lot of us were already skeptical because the website looks almost like a carbon copy of PayPerPost. We were also concerned with the lack of listings available to us. Because of this, I had decided mid-April that I would no longer write anything for them until I received payment for the jobs I had already completed. We were all getting antsy, but then we started hearing from bloggers who were receiving their payments. One blogger also informed us that she had received a double payment. We all felt a little better, but then the payments stopped. I spoke with quite a few people who have also been wondering why they hadn't yet been paid. We've all attempted to contact Bloggerwave by email with no luck. I personally have sent them at least one email a week for the past month.

Then the bad news hit. Bloggerwave seems to have made some fraudulent payments to it the bloggers who accepted jobs from them. One blogger in particular has written about his experience with Paypal and the payment made by Bloggerwave from an unauthorized source. Paypal ended up reversing his payment back to the original source. This just proves yet another way people are taking advantages of those trying to earn a little extra cash. It has finally entered the world of freelance writing and blogging.

Thankfully Bloggerwave didn't require a Tax ID or SSN# during the signup process, and just as with everything else I join, I didn't give complete accurate information either. As a precaution with these companies, I wait to see how things are going to play out before I provide my accurate info. After all, they won't need it until I earn enough from them to require tax information. I'm also thankful that I haven't received payment for any of the work I've completed. I would much rather say I was taken by someone who didn't pay and delete the posts than have to deal with paypal and possible fraud. If you have done any writing for Bloggerwave, please be aware of this problem, and if you have received a payment I highly suggest you contact Paypal.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bloggers,

We are indeed a relatively new company on the commercial blogging scene, a little more than 7 weeks old now, and we plan stay for years with plans of launching local sites on local languages and other new groundbreaking income generating tools for our growing number bloggers.

The reason behind delayed payments has nothing to do with lack of funding, cash flow problems or similar. We have had problems with clearing our Paypal payment account and have been dragged around until the end of this week where we finally got all issues solved and started paying all of our bloggers.

We will post a newsletter on Friday June 1st 2007 to our entire Bloggerwave community explaining this minor speed bump on the road to making Bloggerwave a leading commercial blogging solutions.

We always eager to receive ideas for changes, improvement, correction of errors etc. and any of our Bloggers, advertiser and users are more than welcome to contact me directly on for assistance or help.

Best regards,

Ulrik Thomsen