Just Another Monday

It's time for some Monday Madness!

1. Name one thing you received as a gift on your last birthday.
My birthday was a while ago, so honestly I can't remember exactly what I got! I know hubby took me out to a nice dinner, and my friends took me to a club in Greenville, and wouldn't let me pay for anything. We hardly get to do that since it's an hour away.
2. What would be the "perfect" birthday gift?
Just getting to spend the day with my family and friends.
3. Do you look forward to birthdays?
I do, even though I'm starting to realize how old I'm getting! This year I'll have my first birthday where I have to say, oh no, I'm almost 30.
4. On your birthday, do you treat yourself to something special each year?
I hate to say it, but a couple of times I've waited until hubby went to work, then called in sick on my birthday just to enjoy the day for myself lol. That's why I had a habit of not giving out my bday at work. I normally at least do something, go shopping, or buy myself something online just to celebrate.
5. Do you bother keeping up with your horoscope on a regular basis?
Nope, but I'll read it sometimes for a laugh.
6. What zodiac sign are you, and do you think you fit the description for that sign?
Scorpio, and for the most part, yes. I've got almost all of the scorpio traits.

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