Wedding & Party Favors

Weddings are in the air this time of year. It seems like everyone I know who vowed to be single for life has recently gotten engaged. Of course most of those people have decided to have a long engagement, so I can expect to receive quite a few invitations further on down the road. My little sister however, was engaged last year. She and her fiance had planned to get married in May, but due to financial issues, they bumped the wedding to later in the year. She still hasn't officially set another date yet, but I've moved from being maid of honor to also being the wedding planner.

It's no big deal. I've planned a wedding own, and I did it with a very small budget. I made most of my wedding favors and decorations. I even made my own bouquets out of some fake but very beautiful flowers. I wanted the bridesmaids to be able to keep their bouquets as another little gift. I also purchased a few things that I found for very good prices. One thing I was able to get for a good price were personalized candy bar wrappers. The candy bars were a big hit, and many guests requested extras to save.

They were such a big hit, I used them again when I planned my mother's 50th birthday party. All of her friends also loved the favors, and my mom kept a few to remind her of the day. We were able to turn a birthday that most women dread into something memorable!

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