Log Furniture

I may not always have the cash I want to spend, but I love shopping for home furniture. I might not have to shop around for much longer to find the log furniture I've been wanting. I've found a table I want for the dining room that's complete with old log benches, but it's just way too expensive for my budget. I took hubby into the store today to show him some of the things I want, and he finally agreed to make the table I've been wanting. Hubby has plenty of extra old barn wood at work that's just going in the dumpster if no one takes it home, so we're going to use some of it for the top of my table. Of course we're going to have to sand the top down smooth, but we'll be able to keep the old barn wood look for most of it.

He's going to make the legs out of some huge logs we have as well as the benches. It's so nice to be able to recycle the fallen trees on the land around us. My grandparents own about 200 acres, so it's not hard to find what we need. We already use a lot of the wood for heat in the winter since we use our woodstove, but there's plenty of trees out there to go around. It makes me feel better, too, to know that my new furniture is going to be made from recycled wood, so live trees aren't being cut just to produce something man made.

I'm already making a list of the other furniture I want him to make, but I'm lucky to get him to do this. Hubby might be a top notch carpenter, but he likes to leave work at work. It took me 2 years to get him to build my desk!

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