Locks Of Love Contest Extended

I wasn't too happy with the results of my Locks of Love campaign. Okay, let me rephrase. I wasn't too happy with the results of my online part of the campaign. I've talked to many people offline and convinced them to donate in some way. Hubby got a haircut last week, and while we were there, I convinced two women to donate their hair. When our hairstylist asked if I was ready for a cut, I told her not this time. I'm trying to grow it out again for locks of love. Both women sitting next to me were all ears, wanting details on how to do it, how much to cut, and all that. Both of them had their hair braided and cut before we left!

As for the online portion of my campaign, it's not going so well. I asked for my readers to support the cause in some way. I didn't ask you to cut your hair. I just asked for some form of donation, whether it be by donating hair, purchasing something from their store, or even just blogging about the charity, but only a few of you participated. I agreed to give away a gift certificate to one of the participants once I reached 10 people, but sadly I've only had 3 people participate. I really thought a lot more people would be willing to say a little something in their blog about Locks of Love!

I'm not giving up yet though! I'm still supporting my charity with all I've got, and I'm still going to give away that gift certificate. I'm just extending my deadline for the contest. Instead of saying I'd give it away in May, I'm completely ditching the deadline for entries. The new rules are that I will give away the gift certificate when I finally have at least 10 people helping me to support my cause. It's very simple people. All you have to do is write a small blog post about Locks of Love. Then link back to my Locks of Love contest so others can learn more about the charity, too.

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Stace said...

I was sorry to hear of the lack of support. I've never heard of Locks of Love before today, I don't think it exists in Australia. It sounds like a great cause, I'll have to find out if we have something similar.