A Cell Phone For Mother's Day?

We all know how special our mom's are, but sometimes we have a hard time figuring out what to get her for Mother's Day. My mom is especially hard to shop for. She doesn't like expensive jewelry (must be where I get it from), she's not interested in learning anything about computers, so anything computer related is out of the question, and she's got too many clothes to even consider going that route. One thing my mom doesn't have is a decent cell phone. She's got a cheap pre-paid that she uses for emergencies only. Even when she does use it just to call while she's on the road, she'll leave me a message, then turn it off, so I can never call her back. It drives me crazy. Then if my sister runs out of minutes on her phone, my mom will hand hers over so my sister can run those minutes out, so half the time she doesn't even have the phone with her if she needs it. My mom complains about not wanting a contract where she has to pay $50-60 a month, but with a pre-paid, to keep her phone activated she's still paying that for half the minutes she would get with a plan.

I thought about getting her a new cell phone. The way I see it, paying about $60 a month for a cell phone bill is much cheaper than constantly buying pre-paid cards she doesn't use, and right now, if I go with a Cingular plan, I can get her a free pink RAZR cell phone including a free H3 Bluetooth headset. I might arrange it with her in advance, so she knows it's going to have a contract, but I would pay for the first couple of months for her, and then possibly pay for a portion of it again when Christmas rolls around.

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