Graduation Time

This morning I sat down to look at graduation gifts for my little sister-in-law, and it made me realize how time has really flown over the last decade.  It seems like just yesterday she was climbing in my lap and asking if she could wear my "big shoes" with her pretty dress.  She was the junior bride in our wedding, too old to be a flower girl but still only 7.  I remember how old it made me feel when she hit middle school and signed up for band.  Back then I would get her something like an exciting alto sax mouthpiece at wwbw if I needed to buy a birthday present.  I guess things like that won't work these days.  Now she wants cash, makeup, and accessories for her car.  As I sit in Littlejohn Coliseum in a couple weeks watching her walk in that cap and gown I admit while I'll be so proud of her I'll be a little sad, too.  Boy if I'm this way over my sis-in-law what's it going to be like when it's my own girls?

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