PureGear Rubberized Case Holster Combo With Kickstand For Motorola Droid4

When I got my Droid 4 a few weeks ago I immediately knew I would need a case for it unless I wanted it destroyed by toddler fingers in no time.  I had originally planned to order an Otterbox, but after reading reviews I decided to give the PureGear Rubberized Case Holster Combo with KickStand for Motorola Droid 4 a try.  I found it on sale, and it looked like exactly what I need.

After using the case for a couple weeks now I want to say I absolutely love this case.  If you've got a Droid 4 and are looking for a good sturdy case with a kickstand this is a great case for you.  It's a very lightweight case and didn't add much weight to my phone at all.  Plus unlike a lot of basic cheap cases this one is thin enough to stay out of the way of normal functions.  It is constructed of a rubberized material which is great because I feel like my phone is less likely to slip out of my hand or off surfaces.

As for the kickstand, it's great, too.  I've already used it to watch a movie on my phone, and I use it each night when I put my phone on my side table as my my alarm.  I can roll over in the morning and hit the button without having to pick my phone up.  The kickstand also works in both orientations.

The holster is great because it not only provides a secure way to clip my phone to my purse or jeans, but the phone is inserted with the screen facing inwards, so it is fully protected.  I'm absolutely in love with this case, and I'm so glad I purchased it!

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