The Bargain Hunter App Every iPhone User Needs

If you have an iPhone there is no denying you probably love having the ability to pick and choose the apps you want at any given time, but sometimes buying lots of apps can get expensive.  Don’t you wish you had a way to see when an app is on sale so you can buy it at the right time to save some cash?  Now you can because there’s an app for that!
AppZapp is a great new app that puts all the App store bargains at your fingertips.  This bargain guide finds all the current bargain app deals and shows them to you in a list that is easy to use.  There is the iPhone Free version of AppZapp that allows you to download the app and setup a free account to take advantage of the free features.  There is also the iPhone Pro version that comes with features the free version doesn’t have.
But that’s not all.  What sets AppZapp apart from other bargain hunter apps are the community features.  You have the ability to rate apps, discuss apps with other users, see your friend’s app activities (like purchases and likes), and even share your favorite apps with your friends.  There are live stream and web syncing features as well. If you’re an iPad user you can grab the iPad Pro version for free right now while it’s on sale!  See, you can start saving before you even use the app by taking advantage of this offer!

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